Open beta testing

A work in Progress

A beta version of an app, means the app is currently in development. Which means, the app has known and unknown bugs, the app may be unstable and some features of the app may not work properly.


Beta testers (that's you) should provide feedback about the app. Either, directly through our forum, or indirectly by allowing the app to send automated crash reports.


During beta testing, apps are frequently updated, often with breaking changes. This means, the app may cease to function unless you install timely updates.

Free and early access

The iFirePager app is available in the Google Play Store as an open beta test. While the app is being beta tested, it's free to use.

The app is not available in the main store, it can only be downloaded by clicking on the direct link below.

ATTENTION: After you sign into the app, it runs continually, even if not in the foreground. This allows you to switch to another app, or lock your device with the app fully functioning. If you want to stop the app from functioning in the background, log out of the app.

Remember this is a beta version, it works good enough to test, but it's not finished. It should be used for testing, and to provide feedback.

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